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Hallway Expectations

Hallway Expectations Lesson Plan 

Classroom Pre-teaching activity:

Each grade level (with the exception of fifth grade) will have the opportunity to observe the grade level above them “parade” through their classroom modeling expected hallway behaviors. Based on their observations, they will create a classroom document (i.e. Y chart of looks like, sounds like, feels like) of expected hallway behaviors.They will use this document to model and practice the behavior with their own class.

*Classroom partnership list coming soon (with schedule)

Show What You Know Activity:

Classroom Parade- The teacher will schedule a time for the class to “parade” through a classroom from the grade level below them. Fifth will be the “experts” that create a document based on their prior knowledge, then parade through a partnering fourth grade room. After observing the fifth graders, the fourth graders will create their own expectations chart, then “parade” for their partnering third grade class. Then, third grade creates their own expectations chart and “parades” through a partnering second grade class. The cycle continues down to pre-K.

Positive Reinforcements:

During the classroom parade, the teacher from the hosting classroom will make specific verbal noticings about the visiting classroom’s hallway behaviors (i.e. “I notice all voices are off.”). As the host teacher is making these noticings, he/she will visibly present the visiting class with a tiger paw.

What Happens when Expectations aren’t met?

If the expectations for the hallway are not met, the class is expected to revisit the classroom document that was created and continue to practice until mastery is reached.

Ways to Revisit:

- Reread classroom document
- Watch video clip
- Find an adult to “parade” for to earn a tiger paw

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