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Cafeteria Expectations

Obama scholars explain and model cafeteria routines and expectations.

Lesson Plan 

Classroom Pre-teaching Activity

Lower Campus: Scholars will receive a paper lunch tray with different lunch behaviors. The scholars will listen to the choices that their teacher reads. The scholars will then make a smiley face or draw a food if the behavior is a good choice or cross it off it is a poor choice. Scholars can bring their trays with them when they visit the cafeteria to help them remember the positive choices they learned.

Upper Campus: Supermarket Sweep. Scholars will have a list of things that they have to get. They will have a limited amount of time. They will have to follow the procedures like lining up in the hallway and following the path through. They will only have one try to make it through the line with everything. They will also be dismissed before their lists are checked. They will be timed.

Show What You Know Activity (Upper & Lower Campus): Every scholar visits the lunchroom and show how they know to walk around the lunch room, grab their food and condiments, and have a seat. Dismissal needs to be demonstrated as well as how they wait for dismissal. The scholars will demonstrate that they know where things go when they are dismissed.

Positive Reinforcements: Monthly Subway Cafeteria Award

What happens when expectations aren't met:

  • Redirection/Warning/Chance to fix it
  • Manners Table
  • Cold lunch in focus room
  • Eat lunch during structured play and go to focus during their grade's lunch

Ways to Revisit:

  • Remodel behaviors
  • Create a Y-chart about cafeteria behaviors
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