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Bus Expectations

Lesson Plan 

Classroom Pre-teach Activity:

Watch Bus Safety Video, then..

  • PK-K - Coloring activity
  • Gr. 1-2 Bus Safety Curriculum
  • Gr. 3-5 Jeopardy Game

ALL Scholars must sign a bus safety contract after bus safety has been taught and bring it home to be signed and returned.

Show What You Know Activity:

A fake bus will be set up in the drama room. Scholars will be called down by bus to meet with aide, AP and possible the bus driver. Bus safety rules and expectations will be reviewed:

  • Stay out of danger zones
  • Keep hands and head inside of the bus
  • Stay seated
  • Don't touch emergency doors or windows
  • Be kind
  • Hands and feet to yourself
  • Review voice levels
  • Being on the bus is like being at school
  • How to know when the bus completely stops.

School bus rules will be posted on the bus.

A seating chart will be established for each bus. The seating charts will be kept in a binder in the office. It is the responsibility of the bus aide to keep this updated. Seating chart cards will be posted above each seat on the bus.

Positive Reinforcements: 

  • "Race track" in main hallway with all of the busses. Each week a bus goes without a write up, they will move forward one space. When they get to the finish line, they will earn a reward (25 spots).
  • Hand out tiger paws

What happens when expectations aren't met:

  • Verbal warning given
  • Give the student an option of something to do (bus bag of activities)
  • Student is given a new seat
  • Bus write up
  • Meeting with Assistant Principal - Resolution given to parent, teacher, case manager, transportation, bus driver/aide

Ways to revisit:

  • Aides will review bus policies the first day on the bus and every day that there is more than a three day break
  • Review bus safety contract at time of write up
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