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Arrival and Breakfast Expectations

Arrival and Breakfast Lesson Plan 

Classroom Pre-teaching Activity:

Pretend to be a scholar arriving, modeling the steps, talking through thought processes. See entry routine printables  for visuals.

  1. Walk in the front door.
  2. Go to your breakfast line (lower campus is in cafeteria, upper campus in the link hallway)
  3. Get a breakfast bag and open it (demonstrate rubbing the bag between your hands or flicking it and putting it on your wrist)
  4. Choose juice, milk and two foods.
  5. Get a napkin and spoon.
  6. Go to classroom, walking on the right hand side.
  7. Put coat and backpack in locker
  8. Eat breakfast in your seat
  9. Put trash in breakfast bag when finished

Emphasize that sudents must go to their classroom before chatting with friends, using the bathroom or eating their food.

Explain what you expect for your classroom trash dumping routine. (i.e. wait at their seats until everyone is finished, then everybody takes their trash bag, lines up at the door and dumps them in the hallway trash can in single file before reentering the room and sittng down for morning meeting.)

Create class Y-chart for what respectful, responsible and safte behavior during arrival and breakfast looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Show What You Know Activity:

Have students complete a sorting activity or the Tiger Trail Maze, sorting or numbering arrival events into the right order.

The activity could be done by the class as a whole or by individuals. For example, the Tiger Trail Maze could be printed for each scholar, or it could be projected and scholars could collectively 'vote' on which way the tiger needs to go next.

A few options, varying in challenge level/time commitment:

  1. Trace the numbers of the steps keeping them in order.
  2. Cut out the steps, keeping the numbers on them and then sort them.
  3. Complete the tiger trail maze.
  4. Cut out the steps without the numbers and then sort them.
  5. Number the out of order steps without cutting them or manipulating them.

Positive Reinforcements: Tiger Paws could be earned for your class!

What happens when expectations aren't met:

  • Go back and try again/do over
  • revisit Y-chart as a class

Ways to revisit as a class:

  • Revisit Y-chart
  • Pull up numbered printable and point out what is being missed
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