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Positive Teacher Language and Common Language

Using words and tone to promote children’s active learning and self-discipline. Remain calm and do not allow yourself to become escalated.  This will only escalate the scholars. This encourages scholars to reflect on their choices.  Staff and scholar are on the same page to know what is essential.

  • Show 5 - Universal signal for attention. Raise hand and say "Show 5" and wait for compliance. Scholars should have their bodies calm, eyes on the speaker, ears listening, hands free and voices off.
  • 3 B's - Our school-wide expectations: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe
  • Take A Break - Requested that scholars take a moment to stop, think and fix their behavior before rejoining the class.
  • Turn and Talk - A prompting to have a respectful conversation with a partner that allows each scholar to share their thoughts and experiences. Appropriate conversation skills are modeled.

      Some examples of positive language teachers may ask scholars the following questions to reflect on their actions:

  • How can you fix it? - An invitation to allow the scholar to take responsibility for thier actions.
  • What's your job right now?
  • How can I help you?
  • Once you _____, then I will _______? - A method of removing power struggle while stating the expectation and the consequence of a positive choice.

A teacher who uses sarcasm, shames, or humiliates his/her students harms the relationship of trust between that teacher and any student who hears it.  Be direct and respectful with your language.