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What is PBIS?

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is a collaborative, educative, proactive and functional process focused on developing effective interventions for inappropriate behavior.


How is PBIS proactive?

At Obama the PBIS team uses discipline data to identify patterns and possible causes of inappropriate behavior.  By noticing trends in data, we are able to develop effective interventions that will decrease inappropriate behavior and increase desired behavior.  

How is PBIS educative?

We teach our students school expectations so they know how to make good choices.  PBIS views inappropriate behavior in the same manner as problems in reading or math are viewed... as a skill deficit.  When a skill deficit exists, we must teach the appropriate skill.

How is PBIS functional?   

Students engage in behavior to obtain something they want; thus it serves a purpose for them.  PBIS uses the function of the inappropriate behavior to identify an appropriate consequence and avoid rewarding the misbehavior.

What does PBIS look like at Obama?

  • Discipline DATA is used to help track progress and identify areas to target for intervention.
  • CONSISTENT discipline referral PROCESSES AND PROCEDURES exist throughout the school.
  • Use of school-wide EXPECTATIONS AND RULES in specific settings to TEACH students appropriate behavior.
  • A REWARD SYSTEM to encourage appropriate behavior and EFFECTIVE CONSEQUENCES to discourage inappropriate behavior.