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Opportunities abound at Horace Mann School! In addition to the rigorous core academic instruction and enrichment within homerooms, our school offers rigorous academic instruction and enrichment within Science, Physical Education, Visual Arts, and Library/Media. We may provide resident artists in music, band, theater, or visual arts. We recognize that each child has unique gifts and their interests vary. We provide them with as many different opportunities as we can.

We provide support for students through Reading Support, English Language Development, School Counseling, and Special Education. We envision every child making a year's growth! We make every effort to ensure more than a year's growth for every child who needs a boost. 

Click on the choices to the right to learn more about each specialty!




Our specialist team: Mark Castillo, Stephanie Bowron, Cora Kolosso, Ella Prasad, and Sarah Bosch





The Student Support Team from left to right: Counselors, Kristina Rogers and Marissa McClure; Student Support Coach. Pia Cole; and Social Worker, Ann Elenbaas.




Our intervention team from left to right: Mark Lindskoog (K-3 Reading), Elizabeth Simmer (Gr 4-5 Reading/Math), Regina Scheuring (English Language Learners), Paige Villiard (K-3 Reading Corps Tutor), and Michael Robinson (Gr 4-5 Math Corps Tutor). Missing Gina Corradi (K-3 Math Corps Tutor.)