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Second Grade Science Standards

2nd Grade Science Priority Benchmarks

Raise questions about the natural world and seek answers by making careful observations, noting what happens when you interact with an object, and sharing the answers with others.

Identify a need or problem and construct an object that helps to meet the need or solve the problem. For example: Design and build a tool to show wind direction.  Another example: Design a kite and identify the materials to use.

Describe objects in terms of color, size, shape, weight, texture, flexibility, strength and the types of materials in the object.

Recognize that plants need space, water, nutrients and air, and that they fulfill these needs in different ways.

Describe the characteristics of plants at different stages of their life cycles.
For example: Use live organisms or pictures to observe the changes that occur during the life cycles of bean plants or marigolds.

Describe and sort animals into groups in many ways, according to their physical characteristics and behaviors.

Describe ways in which an animal's habitat provides for its basic needs.
For example: Compare students' houses with animal habitats.

Demonstrate an understanding that animals pass through life cycles that include a beginning, development into adults, reproduction and eventually death.