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Fourth Grade Science Standards

4th Grade Science Priority Benchmarks

Describe the positive and negative impacts that the designed world has on the natural world as more and more engineered products and services are created and used.

Test and evaluate solutions, considering advantages and disadvantages of the engineering solution, and communicate the results effectively.

Describe how the states of matter change as a result of heating and cooling.

Compare materials that are conductors and insulators of heat and/or electricity.  For example: Glass conducts heat well, but is a poor conductor of electricity.

Demonstrate how an electric current can produce a magnetic force.  For example: Construct an electromagnet to pick up paperclips.

Identify where water collects on Earth, including atmosphere, ground and surface water, and describe how water moves through the Earth system using the processes of evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

Describe how the methods people utilize to obtain and use water in their homes and communities can affect water supply and quality.

Recognize that the body has defense systems against germs, including tears, saliva, skin and blood.