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Science Standards

I use the Minnesota State Science Standards in all of my instruction. 

Students use the science inquiry process as we learn science content. 

Every grade has a big engineering project that allows students to use thier own creative problem solving skills. 

Minnesota is in the process of adopting new standards that are based on the same research as the Next Generation Science Standards.  I have worked on committees at the Department of Education to prepare the new standards. 

I do not teach my units exactly the same every year. 

K: Sink and Float. Sorting.  Labeling Animals. 

Engineering - Fairy Tale - Golidilocks and the Three Bears

1: Balance and Motion, Air and Weather, Rocks and Volcanoes

Engineering:  Air Flyers

2: Mealworms, Fast Plants, Solids and Liquids, Tulip Test Gardens - Citizen Science Project

Engineering: Roof for Pete the Cat

3: Structure and Function of Plants and Animals, Astronomy, Physics of Sound and Light

Engineering: Animal Adaptations with Sphero Robots

4: Magnetisim and Electricity, States of Matter, Insulators and Conductors, Water Cycle

Engineering: Building a Cup to keep things hot & Wiggle Bots

5: Variables (Experimental Design), Environments, Natural Resources, Simple Machines, Erosion, Force and Motion

Engineering: Rockets 


Links to the standards: