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2001 Eleanor Avenue
St. Paul


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School Name

The official name of the school is Horace Mann School.  It should be alphabetized under the letter "H."


Official School Descriptor

Horace Mann School is a K-5 community school nestled in St. Paul's Highland Park neighborhood. We are known for academic excellence & personal development focused on individual students. Our school is filled with students who are excited to be here – taught by teachers who transform excitement into achievement. Expectations are high from the first day of kindergarten. Our younger students learn from positive examples set by the older students who take leadership roles within our school. A high level of parent and community involvement is reflected in everything from helping teachers and tutoring to raising funds for artist residencies, field trips and many other special activities.

A large extended community supports Horace Mann. College kids, retirees, and employees from local businesses are vetted by our tutoring coordinator and volunteer to make our school a great place to learn.

Mission Vision Image

Mission and Vision Statements (Adopted May 2013)

To provide a safe, respectful school community that builds upon our tradition of high expectations for all students; nurtures the uniqueness of each child; and ensures that families are connected, informed, and involved.

Imagine every student making a year’s growth or more academically, socially, and emotionally. Imagine every student prepared for the next academic year, middle school, and beyond—learning how to learn and how to create achievement through effort. Imagine a supportive school community united, learning with and from each other, to achieve this vision. 

Logo Image

Official School Logo/Acceptable Use Policies

The main image portrays a dancing child filled with joy and full of motion.  The images which appear above the child -- a book, which stands for learning and is central to everything done at Mann; a heart, which stands for the "welcoming" community of caring parents, teachers and staff at Mann; and a star, which stands for the hope of a bright future for every student -- are simple, yet powerful, representations of what defines the school and its mission / vision.

  • The Horace Mann School Logo should exist in this primary form only. The spacing, positioning, and sizing of individual elements ARE NOT variables that are subject to change. When imported into page layout programs, the height and width MUST remain equal to each other. The preferred use of the logo is in "four-color" form (see approved printing colors).
  • When printed in 4 color format, the School Logo will ALWAYS appear on a "white" background.  If it becomes necessary to use the Horace Mann School Logo using only one color of ink (e.g. copies made on a copy machine, etc.), the spacing, positioning and sizing rules still apply. The only acceptable colors which may be used in this case are purple (Pantone 259) or black.
  • When printed in purple ink the school logo will always appear on a white/cream colored background.
  • When printed in black ink, the school logo may appear on any color background (although white/cream colored background is preferred).

(NOTE:  Earlier versions of logos are no longer acceptable.)

Click here for a color downloadable copy of the logo and here for black and white.


The preferred font for school publications is Arial. 

Approved Printing Colors

  • Purple - Pantone 259 (RGB colors 83 Red, 16 Green, 95 Blue)
  • Orange - Pantone 1595 (RGB colors 195 Red, 69 Green, 10 Blue)
  • Green - Pantone 362 (RGB colors 49 Red, 137 Green, 39 Blue)
  • Blue - Pantone 7461 (RGB colors 9 Red, 116 Green, 189 Blue)

Contact, Telephone and Web URL Reference

Horace Mann School
2001 Eleanor Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116-1397

651.293.8985 Fax

When referencing the website use:  spps.org/mann or spps.org/mann


Questions regarding the school branding may be directed to: Horace Mann School Public Relations.